Something is Wrong with Simone

Dog ran outside on a marvelous day.

He noticed his favorite girl right away!

“Dear holy bones,” shouted Dog with a moan.

“Something is terribly wrong with Simone!”

Whatever could be wrong with Simone?

Simone’s beloved companion animals, Dog, Cat, and Bird, immediately notice something is not quite right with their “favorite girl.” The trio takes the readers on a humorous speculative quest to discover what is wrong with Simone and how they can “fix” her.

Written in an engaging, rhyming style, with delightfully whimsical illustrations, “Something is Wrong with Simone” is a heartwarming tale about friendship and empathy. The story teaches young children how to identify, accept and understand their own negative emotions, and offers age-appropriate, practical advice in a fun and imaginative manner.

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Book Reviews

Tammy K.
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"I am so excited about this book! I can't wait to share it with my kids and see their reactions. I'm always worried about them trying to please us and avoid showing us their "bad" feelings. The book's message is very freeing - there's nothing wrong with Simone for feeling the way she feels, and there's nothing wrong with them either, or even us grown-ups."
Jane House
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"I am a big fan of Nini and her book. I read it to my kids, and they loved it. This is the kind of book that can help kids understand how to help their friends and not judge them when they feel sad, upset, or hurt. It's something I'll be reading to my children for years to come!"
N. Popel
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" "Something is Wrong with Simone" is an absolute treasure. From start to finish, it was a joy to read. The illustrations are gorgeous, and the plot and rhymes are perfect for little kids. I recommend this book to anyone who has, loves, or works with children!"
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"I really enjoyed reading "Something is Wrong with Simone" to my children. The story is well written, and the illustrations are beautiful. I loved how the story portrays how the main character feels moody in a way that reasons with kids. I recommend this book to everyone with young kids!"

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Have fun coloring and solving puzzels with Simone and her friends!

About Nini


Nini Dagan was always big on stories. Ever since she was little, she spent hours buried in books, reading and imagining her own stories. Today, she collects ideas for her stories from her two young kids, and boy, do they deliver! Turning the stories in her head into actual books was always her life wish.

When not clapping everything around her while trying to nail the meter for the current story she is working on, Nini loves to alter perfectly good recipes (and no, her family doesn’t encourage her to do so), play and sing the piano like no one is hearing (again, not encouraged), and go camping.


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